Leistungen - PlanungPLANNING

For plant engineering projects, we produce the complete construction documents ranging from R&I flowcharts through to detail drawings using the latest CAD technology.

Starting from the preliminary planning, all planning documentation is exclusively produced with AutoCAD Inventor 3D. A spatial perspective allows the greatest possible control over space requirements and possible pipe routings. This enables layouts and mechanical movement sequences to be calculated in the initial planning stages, thus allowing for the prompt changing and adapting of corresponding parameters.

We would be delighted to take advantage of your existing layer structure to use as a basis for the CAD planning, or alternatively, we can develop a new design tailored to your systems in consultation with you. For the correct dimensioning of all components as well as the pipe-profile measurements, we use fluid-flow software to calculate the pressure losses in the entire system.


Leistungen - KonstruktionCONSTRUCTION

We build complex, high-purity systems to supply ultra-pure media, such as chemicals, gas and water in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

From the idea to the product, these systems are produced in accordance with the requirements and specifications of our customers in line with the planning documentation.

We arrange both the delivery of the assemblies and the smooth installation on your premises.


Leistungen - ProjektleitungPROJECT MANAGEMENT

We guarantee the complete project management using experienced experts for the structural implementation.

Our project management provides the following:

  • Proposal preparation, consultancy
  • Schedule optimisation, expediting
  • Coordination of the construction activities
  • Ensuring smooth information processes
  • Operative management of the construction work
  • Cost control
  • Final acceptance

to make your project a success.


Leistungen - DokumentationDOCUMENTATION

Project-specific documentation records are produced for every project.

These contain:

  • Functional descriptions
  • Layout drawings in AutoCAD format
  • R&I diagrams in AutoCAD format
  • Lists of fittings
  • Circuit diagrams

If a customer has other requirements, then the customer-specific documentation guidelines will be complied with.


Leistungen - Space ManagementSPACE MANAGEMENT

In projects carried out together with other sectors and disciplines, we will assume responsibility for the planning and coordination of pipe routing as an individual service.

In this regard, to ensure the optimal design, installation plans are prepared in AutoCAD format so that they can be integrated into the overall project accordingly.


Leistungen - R&I SchemaR&I DIAGRAMS

Irrespective of complex new projects, we prepare piping and instrument diagrams in AutoCAD format for conversion and extension projects in accordance with our customers' specifications.

Following an on-site inspection of existing installations, corresponding R&I diagrams are prepared for the clear schematic representation of the system or device functions and the layer structures accordingly customised.


Leistungen - BaugruppenfertigungASSEMBLY PRODUCTION

For the assembly production and on-site installation in the customer's premises, we work together with the Thom Welding GmbH company.

These services comprise:

  • Orbital welding
  • Manual welding
  • Assembly production
  • Welding supervision
  • VT 1+2 visual inspections


Leistungen - DruckverlustberechnungPRESSURE-LOSS CALCULATION

Our scope of services also includes the calculation of pressure loss in pipe networks for gases and liquids.